4/15/2006  11:55 AM


We all seem to be

Our own worst enemies

There is no way

You would allow

Someone else

To treat you

As you treat yourself



9/5/2006  12:30 PM


Another day comes

Then fades away

It doesn’t bother you

You seem to have an abundance

Of time

Totally oblivious

To the fact

That your journey

Grows shorter

With each passing day

There are so many things

Of which you have no control

You can’t keep

From growing old

And you can not

Escape dying

You can strive

To be a better person

Full of Love and Kindness

When you wake up


Changed from the person

Who went to sleep




9/2/2006  8:10 AM


When you look back

At man’s time on Earth

It is called his story

It was written about men

By men

There’s been a war

For this

And a war

For that

And in every war

Man wore a different hat

And all the wars

Produced clubs of hatred

Where men wore

Even sillier hats

That covered a fear

Of all things different

Then there is woman

Feared for her strength

And wisdom

It would be great

If we could look back

On her story

Surviving abuse and slavery

It would have to be better

Couldn’t be any worse

More contemplation

More compromise

More patience

Let’s start

A war on war

And let women

Run the show

And I mean

Women who are women

Not just men

In disguise



3/21/2006  10:45 AM


Some where

Some how

Some time

Some one

Will touch your soul


No where

No how

No time

No one

Will ever be the same



3/28/2006  5:30 PM



Come in all sizes

Adjustable to fit

Your every need

I can not see

Any immediate shortage

Nothing seems too important

If it is happening

To someone else

How we came to this place

I would love to know

If there is a highway of life

We must most assuredly

Be traveling the wrong


For a five year old child

To go to bed hungry

It’s just devastating

For someone crippled

To move even a short distance

Becomes a crisis

For someone to live their life

And never know true love

A love of life

Is truly a crisis

For so many people

To live their life

And never realize

The beauty of this planet

And all the wonders it holds

Should make you




3/22/2006  9:55 AM


There is always a right

And always a wrong

You can stand in the light

Feel the warmth of the sun

Or you can hide in the dark

Worried that you will stumble

Wanting to run

Paralyzed by fear



4/3/2006  8:15 AM


A negative person is like the

Ultimate poison

Able to move around

In so many ways

Dispersing their venom

Upon all they encounter

Feeling that there is always someone

Standing in their way

Their glass is not

Half full

It is not half empty

To them it is always


A positive person

Is like a ray

Of sunshine

Able to break through

On the cloudiest day

They wake up each morning

Knowing they are lucky

Because someone they encountered

Helped make them this way

They realize that life

Is a carnival

So they

Enjoy the ride



6/27/2006  2:25 PM


You wake up in the morning

And begin a brand new day

Rejoicing in the fact

That you have been given

One more day at the carnival

Everyone you meet

Returns the smile that you give them

And then it happens

You turn the corner

And there they are

Someone cloaked in a cloud

Of darkness

You say hello

They say

Go to hell

Don’t let it get you down

And don’t let it rob you

Of your sunshine

Just remember

That the darkness

Is just as important

As the sunshine

And there is a balance

In most lives

They just don’t go




6/27/2006  10:25 PM


Open your eyes

With every new sunrise

Try to rekindle

The feeling you had

As a child

An excitement of life

But never forget

That so many people

Can’t rekindle that feeling

They never experienced it

There is an extreme duty

For those that have known

Love and Kindness

To let it blossom and grow

So that more people

Can know

The joy it brings

Open your mind

If someone placed misguided views

Of prejudice, envy, and racism

Before you at early age

You and you alone

Can decide to not let them

Be a part of your life

No one has a choice

Regarding the color of their skin

Or the status in society

That their ancestors achieved

Fear of the unknown

Can not dictate your actions

Hatred of all that is different

Should not be the rudder

That steers your ship



11/21/1979  10:30 PM


Open your heart

Every part of the universe

Beats as one

Don’t have selective Love

Openly care for everything

Give every aspect of nature

The same respect you desire

For yourself

Look at every day of your life

As a gift

It is by far

The greatest gift

You will ever receive

And don’t spend your life

Wasting this gift

And longing for a greater one

Open your heart

Look around you

Do something

Every day of your life

To try and bring

Love and Kindness

To a higher level


8/8/2006  6:15 PM


There are walls

To keep you in

And there are walls

To keep you out

You spend your whole life

Gathering up things

That you will someday

Be without

Overlooking kindness

Too busy for a smile

Finding it hard

To meet someone half way

Never going the extra mile

Thinking you have forever

As the minutes tick away

Turning your life into

One endless competition

Full of mistakes

You have been told

For which you will forever

Have to pay



8/8/2006  6:25 PM


If you want

To measure greatness

You can not do it

On a scale

A good place to start

Is with someone

Who got up

Every time they fell

And kept a smile

Upon their face

When the storm

Was in their eye

And knew that they

Would not always succeed

But they always had to try

6/8/2006 11:40 AM


Fifty-four years

I have been here

It seems like two weeks

Since I was sixteen

And time accelerates

With each passing day

I have known

Abundant love

From the very first day

It doesn’t get

Any better than that

Most of the problems

I have encountered

I created

Each day

I meet someone

Who has never been shown


They have never had the luxury

Of creating their own problems

They carry a burden

Every step along the way

Burdens that were placed on them

By other lost souls

My greatest hope

Is that more people will know Love

And show Love

Unconditional Love


4/20/2006 12:32 AM


What if

You never saw hatred

Or heard someone cry

Your thoughts were

Only concerned with living

Although you knew

Someday you would die

When someone told you something

It could not be a lie

You marveled at the beauty around you

The power of the sun in the daytime

The endless glow of stars at night

You were constantly thankful

You knew that you

Were part of everything

And had always been



5/11/2006 10:33 PM



Is the only place

You can get a watermelon

Such a miracle

There are people

Who believe

Calling a watermelon

A miracle

Is absurd and sacrilegious

I believe everything

Is a miracle

One that brings

So much enjoyment

Ranks high in my book

A tiny seed

Extracting minerals and moisture

From the Earth

Basking in the warmth of the sun

Growing at an enormous rate

Blossoming, then producing

An extraordinary fruit

If life

On other planets

Ever gets over

Their very understandable fear

Of humans on Earth

And travels here

It won’t be

To do harm

Only to eat



5/18/2006 10:45 AM


A piece of petrified wood

Part of an enormous forest

That stood

Forty-five million years ago

It makes me feel

Quite insignificant

It also makes me wonder

How so much damage

Can be done

In such a small amount

Of time

Why don’t we give this planet

The respect it deserves

Please do something

Open your eyes

And realize

You are walking

With your best friend




4/11/2006 10:35 PM


Can you believe

That among the creatures

Residing on this planet

There are those

That could rob a blind man

Physically abuse an old woman

Sexually abuse a young child

Murder someone

Who speaks of love

Imprison someone

Working for kindness

Rob someone of their self-esteem

Kill something

For a rush of power

Turn their backs

On someone

Who gave them love and life



4/30/2006 12:50 PM


It has been four years

Since I last saw you

In one way

It seems like yesterday

In another

An eternity

They say

Time heals all wounds

Just one more time

They are wrong

If you truly love someone

The amount you miss them

Will never diminish

But I am lucky

Because the one I miss

Created me

And every time

I look in the mirror

I can see her

Smiling at me

And with every breath

I can feel her

Always a part of me



2/21/2002 9:00 AM


They took the shackles off our legs

And put plastic in our pockets

People are starving all over

And they are busy building rockets

I can’t take it any more

I get more outraged every day

And when people talk

The truth gets in the way

3/3/2006 1:29 PM


What good is a question

Where lies can be found

You look for an answer

But never stop to listen



12/3/2003 6:20 PM


Why don’t you wake up

And realize

You are here at most

For a brief moment

Would it be all

That hard

To lend someone

A helping hand



11/16/2003 6:30 PM


I think that it is time

We started trying to win

This human race

The direction we are going

Is nothing short of

A drastic disgrace

People sitting on mountains

Of money

Saying they were elected by

You and me

They are busy making


Where to buy

Another rocket

They have a gun to our head

And their hands in our pockets

Meanwhile, back at the ranch

Some are worried

About a thief in the night

Others wonder about

What’s wrong or right

Some are cutting down the trees

Others are choking

Some are losing

Arms and legs

Others are joking

Some worry about

The look of their wedding cake

Others are starving



4/21/2006 1:10 PM


Everything that you are

Was here before you

And will be here after you

You started out microscopic

Gathered particles and went about

Manufacturing yourself

Once you realize this

You begin to see

That you are no different

From anything in the universe

There is only living

And change

Continuous change

Glorious change

Humans can keep on

Telling themselves

That they are special

It is not true

You can become special

Not because of what you are

Only because of

What you do

And you also realize

That either everything is God

Or nothing is God



4/9/2006 12:30 PM


I’m not dying

To be popular

If you don’t

Like me now

You probably won’t

Care for me then

If I let the hair

On my body grow

Like the animal

That I am

I encounter much contempt

Yes, I’m an animal

In that I take much pride

But unlike other animals

I have a dark side
I am human
And slowly but surely
I have lost
All my senses
When I look around
It seems very common

4/13/2006 10:48 PM


Every sunset

Should find you

A changed person

Stronger, more able

To see and follow

All the paths

That lead to you becoming

A kind and loving person

But realize

That you can achieve

Very little

On your own

You can be a drop of water

That falls on the desert floor

And evaporates instantly

Or you can be

A drop of water

That makes its way

Down a mountainside

Joining with others

To become a major force

Of nature

Changing everything

It passes



4/12/2006 12:00 PM


In the blink of an eye

Everything can change

The things you took for granted

Suddenly are gone

That which seemed so easy

Becomes a time-consuming ordeal

You once could run

Now you can’t walk

You could see

Now everything is dark

Depending on the kindness

Of strangers

And finding more strangers

Than kindness


4/6/2006 2:15 PM


There was a man

He spent most of his time

Consumed with thoughts

Of power and wealth

He pretended to Love

The daughter of a very wealthy man

And she agreed to marry him

For a wedding gift

He was told

He would receive all the land

That he could cover in one day

He knew that the more land

The more power and wealth

One morning he started running

So driven by greed

He ran all day

Seldom resting

Just as the sun was sinking

He collapsed and died

When the others found him

They buried him where he had fallen

In the end

He didn’t actually need

That much land



7/14/1992 8:30 PM


Have we been given the free will to become slaves to our own inhumanity? We seem to be losing the human race. Running the wrong direction isn’t helping.



3/18/1977 4:30 PM


Why is it becoming so hard to get strangers to look your way or to return a smile or friendly gesture? Every day I see people who will not make eye contact, as you meet them, they stare blankly ahead with the look of a zombie. They seem afraid that you might want something from them. How did we get to this point? Where does it go from here? It must be turned around, starting now.



2/17/1988 6:10 PM


Someone can ruin your day

Take all your happiness away

Because of something that they say

Or that smile that’s just not there



10/16/1982 9:30 AM


A large amount of time and effort has been spent trying to piece together the parts of the puzzle associated with plant and animal predecessors on this planet. You must realize that the many curiosities and mysteries of this planet are located on the surface layer of a multi-layered planet. Earth has been continuously growing for an unimaginable amount of time. The oil that we are rapidly robbing from the ground represents organic material, such as ourselves covered by thousands of feet of cosmic dust. Earth’s surface shows the scars of recent meteors that embedded and completely changed both the climate and topography in vast dimensions. The many wonders that are partially visible on Earth are very recent and represent only a miniscule amount of time. Man’s existence on Earth has been the longest roller-coaster ride in the universe. Reaching enormous heights followed by cavernous depths. We must learn, just as many of our ancestors knew, that we are the keepers of this planet. It has given us so much and deserves our utmost respect. The technology that we have should be used to keep meteors in the future from colliding and destroying everything just as it has happened so many times in the past.

You have a front row seat at the greatest circus in the universe.

Enjoy the show, pick up after yourself, and be amazed.

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