6/9/1994  10:00 PM


Being a kind loving person does not ever allow anyone to escape hardships that can prevail in life. For a long time I felt that the ones that would never harm others should in no way encounter harm. It was a point of much confusion and dismay. It seems that the strength gained from enduring hardships is what sets so many aside from others. They have endured and handled themselves in a way that is worthy of respect from all including themselves. Self-respect is such a rare commodity.



6/4/1994 11:30 PM


We are like a link in a chain. Alone we serve no purpose, but together there is no limit to what can be accomplished. Genetically speaking we are similar to a link in a chain also. Everyone is part of all that came before and all that will follow. Although life can be overwhelming and sometimes seems meaningless to so many, it is within our capacity to move forward knowing the responsibility that we owe to all that came before and all that will follow. To make life on this planet the celebration of endless miracles and totally rejoice in life and creation, and stop being held in a quagmire of self-pity and destruction. Everything that you see, feel, hear, or sense is a miracle. You are here against all odds and you should rejoice at each passing day. Although you don’t have to verbally express it, you should feel constantly thankful and act accordingly.



9/7/06  9:50 PM


How can someone

Believe that everything they think

Is so right

And everything else

Is so wrong

In a world

Of invisible concepts

How can they be

So sure

And base most of their ideas

On feelings

They were told to have

By someone

Along the way

And so on

And so on

How can it be

Taken so far

As to kill someone

For not believing

As they do

Or try to lower

Someone else’s self esteem

Because they feel different

About the mysteries

Of this world

Than you

No matter which

Religion you choose

That doesn’t seem to be

Appropriate behavior



5/11/1992 3:00 PM


I see trees so green

Flowers growing in the sun

Smiles on faces

And the old and young having fun


Picnics in the park

Young lovers in the dark

Older lovers holding hands

On the front porch swing


But on the other hand

There are people in their locked up houses

While outside sits their locked up cars

And they look out their windows

Through black wrought iron burglar bars


The hardhearted roam at will

With eyes so lost

The kind hearted sit at home

With tears in their eyes


I haven’t been here long

Sure don’t know how long I will stay

But if I am gone tomorrow

There is something I just have to say


Life is a pleasure

Such beauty, so many things to see

But just look around you

It hasn’t turned out

The way it was supposed to be


When your children grow old

And it will seem like only tomorrow

And they ask you

Why did things turn out this way


Will you look around

And see a world of pain and sorrow

Will you accept no responsibility

And say

There was nothing

I could do


4/9/2006 10:35 AM


Why does it bother me so

The many problems I see

No matter which direction

I turn

They are always there

In front of me

Those that hate

Because they were told

Those who live in fear

Of growing old

Of living

Of dying

Those who act superior

When they know they are inferior

Those that are only

Along for the ride

Constantly waiting for others

To do what needs to be done

Those who can inflict pain

On anything

Those who judge

By the way you appear

And tell you lies

To hold you near

Someone who can rob

The life force of another creature

For a sense of empowerment

I’m glad it bothers me

I hope it bothers you

1/15/1982 2:10 PM


Just as the darkness

Follows the light

We see so much wrong

And remain all too quiet

The time has come

The day is here

To break the bonds

Shackles of fear



2/28/2006 1:45 PM


Why do you tread water

Fighting to stay alive

Why don’t you swim

Over to the other side


When you were young

No obstacles seem too grand

Why have you been sitting

Ever since you learned to stand


For every action

There is an equal reaction

For every inaction

There is nothing

1/20/2006 9:55 AM


Fine Line


There’s a fine line

Between waking up every morning

In a king size bed

With a big ol’ fluffy pillow

Beneath your head


And shivering the whole night through

Wondering what you’re gonna do

And your only cover

Is a copy of the daily news


There’s a fine line

Between going to a real fine restaurant

Sitting down in an overstuffed leather chair

Complaining that you feel your steak

Is just a little too rare


And crawling out of a cardboard box

Moving slowly down an alley way

Searching through trash cans

Hoping that some food is there


There’s a fine line

Between calling up your family doctor

When you are feeling ill

Never worrying if you have the money

For the healing pill


And standing in line all day

Watching an old man

In front of you

Collapse and pass away


There’s a fine line

Between spending every single day

Of your life surrounded by friends

Not concerned if they will stay

Beside you if there’s a weather change


And walking the streets alone

In your brand new Salvation Army clothes

Feeling that the air in your soul

Is slowly leaking out


There’s a fine line

Between feeling everyone you see

Is looking down on you

With a hopeless feeling

That there is nothing

In the world that you can do


And gazing down on the earth from above

As you travel with the one you love

And your only problems

Are a million miles away


There’s a fine line

Between finding that the end has come around

And out of all your friends

Not a true one can be found

And everything you fought to own

In every direction is being thrown


And ending your journey

On the street late one night

Being taken to the county morgue

Laid out on a table bare

Surrounded by similar souls everywhere


With a smile upon your face

Because you knew Love



3/29/2006 12:05 PM


How can you feel

No urgency

And not see

The wonders

You’ve been given

Every sunrise and sunset

Can be counted

If you are lucky

You will receive a large amount

If you are extremely lucky

You will appreciate

The number

No matter what it is

When someone is in prison

Freedom has been repressed

They mark each day

And time takes on

A newfound appreciation

Don’t live your life

And wish that you

Had more time

Make the most

Of every single day



3/13/2006 4:30 PM


How can someone say

They care so much

About you

They feel so strongly

In your right to be born

And act so indifferent

About your right

To exist

3/24/2006 9:45 PM


Why do you choose

To talk bad

About someone

In a world

Of endless possibilities

Does it lift you up

To put them down

Is it a product

Of jealousy or fear

Or just a lack of imagination

If you are

Going to appoint yourself

Judge and jury

The least you could do

Is to allow the accused

To be present at their trial

If you find yourself

In a situation

Where a group of people

Are making derogatory remarks

About some absent individual

You can say

They should be here

And I should not

And walk away



3/25/2006 8:20 PM


I never asked

That much of you

What I asked

You would not do

Not to climb the highest mountain

Or sail the seven seas

Just wanted you

To be true

You looked straight

Into my eyes

And lied

Don’t mean to criticize

Seems like this old saying

Was written just for you

You would rather

Climb the tallest tree around

And tell a lie

Than stand on the ground

And tell the truth



4/20/1975 6:30 PM

Another tear dies

As it falls upon the floor

And something so dear flies

With the opening of the door


I’m stuck, knee-deep in my lies

Just like so many times before

To hear your laughter one more time

I could say it won’t happen anymore


Why can’t we learn

By all our mistakes

Why don’t we find

We must make our own breaks


Luck isn’t bad

Luck isn’t good

And things will not work out

Just because you feel they should



9/18/1984 5:40 PM


I stand before the mirror

And what do I see

Reflections of a lifetime

Things I’ve been told

A child growing old



9/18/1984 6:20 PM


I’ve seen things



Like an endless gust of wind

Coming fast, it’s here

Then gone


But what is within you

Cannot be blown away

By even the strongest wind

We spend our whole lives

Looking out

When we should be

Looking in



3/14/1982 3:30 PM


Throughout recorded history there have been selected accounts of thoughts that were in some form placed before the occupants of this planet. Many different people have come forth with their ideas of Love and kindness. They all expressed basically the same group of thoughts. We must have honor and trust. We must be humble and care for all things large and small. These basic thoughts are the cornerstones of countless religions and though worldwide in popularity, remain sectionalized. The “Golden Rule” that someone should not do something to anything or anyone that they would not like done to themselves is fundamentally the basic truth behind every religion known to man. This is a thought that has been received endlessly and followed infrequently. The reception of the thought is Earthly, the origin is divine.


If you must worship something

Worship the message

Not the messenger



10/14/1983 7:30 PM


All of you people

Who are out there

Just staring and walking

To be seen

You’re out there

But you’re just like the thunder

I can hear you

You seem so far away

Look around you

Smile and say

How are you

I’m so glad

We crossed paths this way


It’s such a brief journey

Here and then gone

Gone to stay

So reach out and say


How are you

Hope nothing but goodness

Comes your way

3/27/2006 9:30 AM


I was a believer

I questioned all things

The reason for this

I’ll never know

Life seemed like a puzzle

And no matter

Which way

I tried to fit them

I just could not get

The pieces to go

I saw people everywhere

Filled up with religion

And on the other hand

So afraid to die

And lots of others

Showing up every Sunday

To showcase their fine clothes

And get their ticket punched

For the ride

I became a receiver

At first it seemed scary

Little by little

It started to grow

Everything that came to me

I kept inside me

Even my closest companions

Were not allowed to know

We live in a world

Where every day

Receiving grows harder

When we need it the most

It’s going away

There’s too much noise

So little silence

And you can spend

Your whole life

With the dial of your receiver

Just a little out of place

All through the ages

There have always been people

Who received the same

Wonderful thoughts

When they tried

To talk of them

With those around them

If they were not

Instantly murdered

They were faced

With little success

It’s not as if

They were trying to

Give someone poison

Love and kindness

Were their only concern

They only wanted

To end something

That’s very deep-rooted

They wanted to help you

Stop living in fear

You can wake up

Or you can keep sleeping

Constantly hitch-hiking

Waiting for a ride

If you ever decide

That you need a solution

Turn off the noise

Go somewhere alone

You can feel

The same beautiful thoughts

That have always been there

From that moment on

You will realize

You are never alone



1/15/1989 5:20 PM


Why are people so afraid of change? You are living on a planet that will travel a million miles through space every twenty-four hours and yet you want everything to remain unchanged. We must take the wonderful gifts we have been given and expand on them. We can accomplish so much. We owe it to all that came before us and all that shall follow.



8/23/1974 5:00 PM


Moses walked through the desert

Slept beneath the stars

Now you can lay

Beside the pool at a hotel

Or race at night in your car

Moses came down from the mountain

Commandments in his hand

Now as you reach to turn the lamp on

You knock a Bible off the stand



3/26/2006 9:45 AM


You were given

All types of choices

Never-ending possibilities

And you chose one

You created a prison

And with your last

Act of freedom

You reached in your pocket

And threw away

The key

And you are telling me

You have been


Placing the blame

On anyone but you

If I find the key

And set you free

From your prison

Will you spend

Your life

Setting others free


3/26/2006 10:45 AM


Who will take these broken dreams

That never got to breathe

Who will take this pain inside

That never got to leave

And replace it with kindness

That seems to overflow

The end of all the blindness

An everlasting glow


3/22/2006 9:30AM


Terror Eyes


There are many people

Who have stored in their minds

Times they try hard to forget

When someone they looked up to

Chose to abuse them

From that moment on

They see the world

Through terror eyes


Two children get placed

In the back of their car

Their parents kiss them

And then get in the front

Another day of happiness

They haven’t gone far

When they are hit by a drunk

The parents are killed

Happy eyes suddenly become terror eyes


A man and his wife

Did everything possible

To live a life

Filled with kindness and Love

Retired from their jobs

And moved out to the country

Fulfilling their dreams

One night after midnight

Two strangers came knocking

They answered the door

Wanting to help if they could

The men tied them up

Then ransacked their farmhouse

Killed them

So they could not be identified

Of all the beautiful visions

Gained in a lifetime

The last thing they saw

Was through terror eyes


An old woman lives

All alone in a large house

That she helped her husband


Many years before

Everywhere she looks

It’s just an endless memory

At night

They all glow

With the vibrations of love

But she is tired of living

And afraid of dying

If her loved ones

Would ever visit

They would notice

She’s looking at the world

Behind terror eyes


A young soldier sits

Half a world away

From his loved ones

Caught in a nightmare

That won’t go away

Constantly thinking

How did it turn out this way

Cold and miserable

Hope is his only companion

While the ones who sent him

Are at home

Cleaning their conscience

Dining in leisure


In a comfortable bed

Meanwhile, the soldier stays busy

Wiping the dust

Out of his

Terror eyes


A six-year-old boy

Has traveled down

To the market

Picking up products

That his mother desires

His brothers and sisters

Wanted to follow

He convinced them

To stay behind

As he nears

His home

He hears a rumble like thunder

Looks straight ahead

To see his home blown away

Gazes up as the planes disappear

With a brand-new pair

Of terror eyes


If you want to try

And fight a war on terror

There’s something real important

You need to realize

No matter where it is

On this beautiful planet

You have to stop creating

Terror eyes



11/18/1972  9:45 PM


Is there a place

A special place

Just for

The ones who care

Do you see the leaves

Roll by

Up there

Or hear a newborn cry

Up there

There is a place

It surrounds you



5/25/1985  10:30 PM



Why do you lie

Can’t you see

That truth is best


Hold on to that lie

Start to believe it


Desperately lie

And remember all that you have said

In lying

A good memory

Separates the worst

From the best


Color your lies

They will be more pleasing

To you

To make a sound

That’s understood

Consider yourself blest

Continue to lie

Truth will die

Then you are left with

All the rest

10/14/1985  8:20PM

This world is full of people

That just stand on the corner

And watch as life passes by

 As they gaze at all others

With misunderstanding

Almost always born of a lie

Why is it so hard

Among all this confusion

To give love and kindness a try

Can you help out a stranger

With no fear of danger

If not, do you wonder why

Try to remember, from the start to December

We all were once children a while

When lies were still sleeping

From them you were keeping

This miracle, you first learned to talk

And with legs oh so wobbly

You stood for the first time

And from that moment on you could walk

And the stars in the night

The colors of light

To see them is a blessing indeed

So live to love

And love to live

Such a gift

It just rolls away

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