2/17/06 6:30PM

The writings contained in this section are the result of what I call thought reception. I will devote more time to this at a later date. We owe so much to thought reception. When you see this on your computer please realize how many people are responsible for all the wonders you take for granted. Throughout the brief time of our existence on this planet, there have been people from different areas of earth receiving the same thoughts at the same time. For example, a native Indian might have received a thought that a certain plant could have medicinal capabilities. For every receiver that did something there have been countless others who took no action. The graveyards are full of all the people who took wonderful thoughts to the grave with them. Thomas Edison was one of the most prolific receivers of recent times. He would often take a catnap and awaken with the knowledge of something that could benefit mankind. DaVinci was another great example. I will not get into it right now, but please know that with every gift we have been given there is a responsibility to use it in the proper manner. Television, for example, is such a great gift. People can see parts of the world unknown to them, break down barriers of language and culture and it does in a small way. Try to understand that the gifts go through us and keep going along with our adaptations. We are not alone in this universe although we are in the west Texas of the universe. After receiving the gift of television, the first transmissions from Earth were mostly the atrocities of the Hitler regime. Somewhere in the universe someone is picking those up today and wondering where they came from. In the future Earth will receive an abundance of transmissions from places in the universe, mostly our own transmissions being returned with this message, “Everything you take in becomes a part of you. All that you put out becomes a part of others. Don’t pollute the universe with hatred.” I hope I live long enough to see it.

3/19/2006 12:40 PM


Byrd (for my friend)


I saw a byrd

With a broken wing

He had to walk

Everywhere he would go

And he spent each day

In memories

Lost in the way things were


In every life

There’s a turning point

On this narrow road

We travel on

Something will seem

That it’s a world away

Then you turn around

It’s next to you


Would you help me up

When I have fallen down

Or would you

Not look back

Go home

And pray for me


Sometimes life

Seems like a falling star

Burning bridges

With every step you take

It doesn’t matter

How others picture you

The most important part

Is what you know

You are


3/18/2006 12:05 PM


Are there people out there

Who care about someone else

Are they few and far between

Or just hard to be seen

Like a porcupine

Are they hiding in a cardboard box

Or sitting at home

Thinking they are safe

Behind their front door locks


Are there people out there

Who long to be kind

They get up every day

Go their way

And close their mind

To everything

They see and hear

All the hatred

All the fear

Hoping if they turn their back

It will go away


Are there people out there

Who will stick their neck out

While all the others are quiet

That’s the time

They will shout

About the injustice

That they see

The inhumanity


Are there people out there

Searching for love

Showing the scars

Left from those

Who swore that they would never

Hurt them


There are people out there

Who know of love

They can not stay

In the back of the class

They must go to the front

And teach


3/16/2006 9:15 AM


When you meet someone

Look in their eyes

You may feel


A sense of kindness

That seems



After you become aware

You will notice

Other people

Who seem to have

Ice in their soul


Don’t walk


Away from these people

Before they entangle


In their web



3/15/2006 8:15PM


You have lived your life

Now you are ready for your reward

But you never noticed birds, flowers, or trees

And worst of all

You never seemed at ease


You had no time for kindness

Shied away from love

Took too much for granted

Spent your time

Looking down

Never above


Do you really deserve a reward?


3/1/1996 2:00 PM


We all take so many things for granted. Assigning them a permanence that exists only in our minds. Everything associated with life is a miracle. We all have only so many days to gaze up at the clouds or to see the stars on a clear night. We also get to look upon the face of a loved one a limited amount of time. There is just not enough time in anyone’s life to waste on hatred, prejudice, or destruction.

We are taught or shown so many of the wrong things and very few of the right. So many never have the chance to learn love and kindness. You cannot find it through anything but direct contact. All the bad things of life are also passed on through direct contact. Many parents pass on from generation to generation their misguided views on race, religion, and countless other misnomers.

A young child can be formed much as a potter forms a piece of clay. I cannot see anything worse than allowing destructive forces to manifest themselves in the mind of youth. There can be nothing good to come out of this situation.

Unconditional love seems to be a rare commodity. It should have a value much greater than all the gold, diamonds, etc., on Earth. Yet, those that have been blessed to know it usually take it for granted or keep it to themselves, as you would lock up a memento in your attic.



3/17/1993 9:50 PM


Monks sat in dim candle-lit monasteries high in the Himalayan Mountains of Tibet while around the Earth, Indians sat by the warmth of a campfire and they all searched their souls for purpose and understanding. Neither group knew of any existence of life beyond their own proximity, yet they picked up the same basic thoughts.



12/11/1974 8:20 PM


A ripple in the ocean

Rushing to the shore

Time passing by

We have no control

Of so many things

We can’t even control our tongues

They lash out at so many

Innocent victims

Spoken words are as ripples

In the ocean

They proceed until they have run

Their course

Slowed only as they pass

The broken hearts

That line the way



8/6/1974 7:30 PM


You are in the warmth of summer

Among the frost of Fall

You are everything to me

And you are, most of all

A kind and tender person

So full of love for life

Yet life will deal you hardships

Laughter turns to woe

Why that things should be that way

It is not mine to know

I only know I love you

Though you weren’t always shown

But now, there’s no time or way

Your happiness is all to me

If there be any justice

And love should receive reward

You’ll be among the counted



3/15/2006 12:53PM


I want to start

A revolution of kindness

Fighting against hatred

Trying to kill single-mindedness


But it is hard to find soldiers

Who will leave their egos

At the door

And let love

Be limitless


Someone who has come to know

No matter

Where it is

Or what it is

The only difference

Is the container


Someone who can watch a bird

Fly from tree to tree

And realize

That bird has something

We try to achieve



If there is something

Within you

That wants to kill it

So it cannot fly

Then you are someone

Who need not




3/15/2006 12:20PM


If you could travel

In a dream

Not be heard

And not be seen

To the mountains

 of Columbia

You would witness

Some of the kindest

 and most intelligent


On this Planet

So in-touch with Life

Dancing with the Universe

Abilities beyond belief


Harming no one

Chewing coca leaves

To function in the altitude

No salt

They are being held prisoners

They can’t visit the ocean

Cocaine traffickers rule the lowlands

Wake up

You are not only hurting





3/11/2006   10:05 PM


If you turn it around

Will it fit the other way

Would you like to hear

The hateful words you say


Try to look

From a different

Point of view

You become someone else

And they become you


Remember the old saying

Don’t judge

Until you have worn someone’s shoes

I say

Don’t despise

Until you have seen

Through their eyes


No one has a choice

Over how their life begins

Everyone has a choice

From there until the end



3/13/2006   9:35 AM


They sat around the table

Like every day before

Someone turned on the news

An old woman

Had been abused

They heard

But did not listen

Pass me the potatoes

My boss is driving me nuts

Shouldn’t someone go get Grandma

So she can enjoy the meal

She makes me feel uneasy

She doesn’t know

What is real



3/13/2006 10:15 AM


The wind is blowing hard

And you worry

About your hair

The trees accept the wind

And let it make them strong

Until the day

They can’t take it anymore

The force has knocked them down

But come the Spring

Close to where they fell

New trees have emerged


The ultimate recycler



03/13/2006 2:20 PM


Do you believe in something

Enough to die for it

Or do you only believe enough

To kill for it

Passivity is not innocence

Don’t lie to yourself

Pretending you are not a part

Of all the negative forces

You see daily

Everything is interconnected

You are a part of everything

That has ever been

Or will ever be

Do you hate

Because it has touched you

Or were you taught

Can you see love

From a mile away

Or not even

When it’s next to you

Act now or react later



01/04/1987 2:20 PM


There’s a Baskin-Robins teepee

In the middle of New Mexico

Where, if you have a mind to

You can stop and eat ice cream

Now that’s what I call progress

Progress should be something

Something mighty good

Where nothing used to be

And it sets my mind to wander

Back through the ages

When the cowboys and Indians

Fought it out to own something

You can’t own anyway

If they had crossed the mountain

Looked down and seen that teepee

They could have rode down

Got a banana split

Flipped a coin to see who pays

Then grabbed a napkin

Wiped their faces

Mount their horses


And ride away



6/8/1984 6:50 PM


I sit in the darkness

And think of the light

Sometimes in daydreams

I long for the night


Filled with confusion

Watching the fight

Between all these illusions

Wondering which one is right


People locked in their houses

As thieves roam in the night

Those who should be laughing

Held captive by fright


Why pray for salvation

From this world and it’s plight

You saw something so wrong

And didn’t try to make it right


11/6/1978  9:45PM


If I was blind

With no way to see

Things I care for now

Would mean nothing to me

I wouldn’t love you for your face

For it through time is changing

I would love you for your laugh

And the tenderness of your touch

But I have the ability to see things

Not as they are

But as I was taught to see them



10/9/1978  9:30PM


As you walk the beach, the warmth of the sun, thundering force of the surf, you spot a beautiful shell. You grow closer longing to touch this unique natural beauty, but as you grow closer you notice that it is not perfect. The torture of the waves somehow cracked the shell. It loses its luster and you quickly start looking for other items of interest. How can creatures so physically flawed and imperfect be so skeptical of other parts of nature? Nature, such a miracle, so outrageously beautiful.


We can’t see past the ends of our noses. 
Staring at thorns on the prettiest roses.

3/3/2006 9:50AM


Is it totally useless

Should you

Just throw up your hands

Get behind some stained glass window

Fall down on your knees

And pray

This benefits only one


Go out into the world

And do something

It doesn’t have to be grand

Shake someone’s hand

You don’t have to go a mile

Look at someone

And smile

It doesn’t have to glisten

When someone is talking


Kindness is contagious

Don’t inoculate yourself

Against it



7/20/2002 11AM


I went for a ride today

In one of the finest cars around

People came to see me

From many different towns

They brought flowers

And lots of food to eat

But I was gone

Couldn’t see the tears in their eyes

Never again to feel the warmth

Of a summer day

Only a memory

In the corner of their minds

But when you think of me

And I surely hope you do

I will come back

And although you won’t see it

There will be a smile upon my face



1/13/1977 10:20PM – from my Father


When you have lived your life

Three things can happen

If someone remembers you

In a good way

That’s heaven

If someone remembers you

In a bad way

That’s hell

The last is by far the worst

If someone remembers you

Not at all

2/28/06 5PM

As I was walking one day
I was approached by a unique man
There was something about him
Different than anyone I had ever met
He told me
Beware and be aware
Of the fire
As I gazed at him
I felt mesmerized
The kindness in his eyes
The quality of his clothing
The way he carried himself
He said
"I must go"
And quickly departed
I stood there hypnotized
Wondering what he meant
Contemplating how sincere and honest he seemed
I suddenly felt warm
All over
I also smelled something
Different than ever before
I turned quickly around
and realized
I was on fire

1/17/89  9:30 pm
So many feel that there is nothing that can be done about the current destructive forces on Earth. Some even go so far as to try to justify their lack of involvement by telling themselves that it is meant to be this way. You can get no further from the truth than that.

11/22/92 7:00 pm

Human beings spend their first days of life more helpless and dependent than probably any other species. In the early development stages, whereas other animals pass on to their offspring instincts that improve the odds of their survival, humans seem to mirror their attitudes and generationally accepted prejudices upon their young.

8/29/03 10:41 pm

Would it be so hard
To smile at someone
Passing by
Because within you
Lies the power
To make someone
Laugh or cry

2/6/04 12:40 PM

I've been watching people
Sitting on the fence
Between wrong and right
But I have never seen anyone black
Or anyone who is white
Just a world of off-white people
Screaming that their God is right
Its all so insane
No thought of what is important
No concern 
For peace and kindness
Too much hatred
So much blindness

2/24/06 2:30 PM

Can You
Move like a termite
Twenty feet below the ground
Without the ability to see
Through hard soil and rocks
To a small amount of moisture
Underneath a fallen tree

Can you
Fly like a hummingbird
From flower to flower
Upside-down and backwards
With such precision
Gathering nectar and pollen
With abounding energy

Can you
Work together like ants
Placing a pulp like coating
Over their hillside home
Waiting for the rains
To turn their ship over
Sailing through the storm

Can you
Like some lizards
Lay eggs in the sand
Cover them up and leave
And come back
The day they hatch

Can you
Like a butterfly
Place an egg on a leaf
And leave
Knowing that egg
Contains all the necessities
To complete all of the steps
Of its miraculous existence

Can you
Quit killing each other
Stop fearing the unknown
Tell no more lies
Realize that you
Are a part of everything
No better
No worse

2/23/2006   11:10AM


Animals wrapped in cotton

Roaming the earth

Looking down on others

Over-exaggerating their worth


Animals wrapped in cotton

Cutting down trees

Building bombs and rockets

Dumping oil in the seas


Animals wrapped in cotton

Overlooking their domain

Basking in their greatness

How utterly profane


Animals wrapped in cotton

Living only for greed

Turning their backs

Whenever there is a need


Animals wrapped in cotton

Praying to their God

Believing when it’s all over

Only they will get the nod


Animals wrapped in cotton

Forever growing old

Never taking chances

Doing as they are told


Animals wrapped in cotton

For every thing they care

So full of love and kindness

It should not be so rare


Animals wrapped in cotton

Their end has come around

Completely filled with chemicals

Buried in the ground


 2/8/2006 10:15 AM
Many times I have heard someone say I hope I live long enough to see a miracle. Everything you see from your first breath to your last is a miracle. To be able to see is a miracle. You are part of a miraculous universal dance. Please don't spend your whole life saying you can't dance or waiting for a better song.

 1/30/2006 7:08 PM

I'm tired of feeling a sense of shame for being human because of the wrong direction we are going in. We have been given so many wonderful gifts. Tools to move this planet and the universe in the right direction. If you were trying to go somewhere and realized you were going the wrong direction you would stop and turn around. This is what must be done. We have allowed things to go in the wrong direction for too long.
 1/11/1988 12:00 PM
One day I had legs
The next they were gone
Had bright green eyes
Like emeralds they shone
They are now filled with darkness
And I sit here alone
But oh what wisdom I've gained
I've learned that life is a gift
From the start
And it's such a blessing to have
A kind heart
Full of love for all nature
Full of love for yourself
You can learn from experience
But it's so costly you see
Or you can gain wisdom from others
As it is meant to be

 10/4/1976 6:45PM

Open yourself up to others. Remember that friends were once strangers and most enemies were once friends.


 10/4/1976 6:50PM

Many people act as though they think that life is something that you must go through to die.


 1/15/1989 8:30PM

A large tree stands only twelve feet away from the decaying remains of a tree from which it fell as a tiny seed. One link in a chain. A part of a cycle to which all living organisms of this planet belong. There in lies immortality and for the human race, an incredible responsibility and obligation. Anything that lives on this planet is a part of all that came before it and all that shall follow. Creation being the ultimate force of life, you must take what has been given you and enhance it.

There are two types of people on this planet. Creators and destroyers. Creators will not destroy and destroyers will not create. Creators look at life with a sense of wonder that usually goes hand in hand with a knowledge of Love that was given them at an early age. Unconditional Love.


 9/20/03 3:30PM

They killed my best friend

And drug him into town

Cut him up

In little pieces

And passed him all around

They put him in a coffee table

And they put him in a door

Some of him in some kitchen cabinets

Also in a floor

And they stood around

And said isn’t he pretty

He has made my house complete

Humans have many needs
We need to drink

We need to eat

And breathe

 1/10/1988 9:00 PM

There was an old man that all
considered so small

compared to the world’s greatness

seemed not much at all

He stopped and stooped

each and every day

picked up a small rock

and went on his way

At the end of the day

as the sun last kissed the sky

He would look up and stare at the stars

in the distance, the noise of the cars

so much had changed in a life so short

He loved so much, loved so much

the trees, birds, wind, all the miracles

that had been there to see

Then with eyes closed

a tear would swell

An old piece of handkerchief

would grab it as it fell

He would think of his loved ones

as he felt so alone

how they never came by

seldom would phone

Then he would reach in his pocket

and pull out the stone

place it to his lips

and open his eyes

then slowly bend over

as he had everyday of his life

Placing the stone on the ground

he would think of the smiles

that were part of his life

And place on hold, all worldly strife

Thank you for allowing me

just one more day

for such a gift

I could never pay

Now the old man is gone

his life is complete

but good memories live on

for there where he lived

a gift to us all

standing so beautiful

standing so tall

a mountain of love

made of small single stones

and when the sun goes down

and the stars shine above

the mountain lights up

with kisses of love

the mountain of love


Wouldn’t it be strange to live in a world where you never had to worry about others harming you. Where most of your time was not consumed locking everything up or worrying about some harm coming to you or to those you love. It is possible, not by sitting back and wishing for it, but by beginning to do everything possible to change the many wrongs of this life. Those that long for a change must join together and begin to work toward that goal.


 4/17/1974  10:00AM

Have you lost the will to decide

Should you stand

Or should you hide

I believe you have hidden too long

And spoken of love

In a prayer and a song

Then forgotten so quickly

Letting your fears destroy you

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