8:05 AM
Ain’t life grand
It’s like a lemonade stand
Smack dab
In the middle
Of the desert
But then you are filled
With fear
When you draw near
And realize
You have no money
Ain’t life funny
All this worry about money
Keeping your eye
On the wrong
Proverbial ball
Ain’t life strange
All the time
We rearrange
Either too tall
Or too short
Too young
Or too old
Too timid
Or too bold
Too fat
Or too thin
It’s not a game
That you must win
It’s about how you are perceived
In the end
8:35 AM
You can do what you want
You can do what you will
Go out and fight
Live only to kill
Or you can try to find peace
Down deep in your soul
Treat all things with kindness
Live only for love
5:15 AM

It’s About Time

It’s about time
You started to notice
It’s about time
You began to care
About not just the ones
That you are close to
But about all things
From here to there
Could it really be
That you are important
Well, if you are
Then so is everything else
I hate to burst your bubble
But from where I see it
You are just a drop
In the bucket
On the beach of life
Just one grain of sand
It’s about time
You opened your eyes wide
And marveled at color
In people and things
And jumped over the barriers
That seem to always confront you
Fearing everything different
With heart-felt emotions
Locked in your closet of care
Learning to fly
With the smallest of wings
And finding the reason
That most birds sing
They are truly free
8:35 PM
If you found out today
That your world was going away
Would it cause you
To view your life
A little different
Would you jump up
And pray
Or lay down
And stay
Would you go somewhere
And hide
Or go play
Be crippled by fear
Or see everything so clear
For the first time
In your life
Realize that your days are numbered
There is a beginning
And an end
Although the roads vary in length
They all end
In the same place
Enjoy the ride
Always be on the lookout
For broken down travelers
Along the way
And give them a lift
9:41 AM

Throughout time
From every corner of this round planet
Man waited for the sun
Was warmed by the sun
Slept to pass the time
While it was gone
Watched the sun
Bathe the Earth
Producing everything they needed
For their daily life
Then a new son arose
An invisible son
The attributes involving
This new son
Are worthy of worship
Man seems to need
Something to worship
The thoughts put forth
By the new son
Are so outrageously beautiful
Universal truths
Man chose to worship the messenger
Not the message
A mistake that has been repeated
Throughout history
The old sun
Kept shining
Warming everything in its path
Like every single day before
While the followers
Of the new son
Claimed they were all knowing
Everything else
Is false
The followers of the new son
Imprisoned and shackled
The followers of the old sun
And had them build large monuments
Against their will
I don’t believe
That I have the power
To decide
What you should worship
Or not
And I don’t believe
Anyone else
Has ever had that power
There is plenty of room
On this planet
For more than one thing
To shine at a time
The old sun and the new son
Are only parts of this miraculous universe
And so are you

From my Brother, Kenneth

Found among his belongings 8/12/2006

Date and time of writing unknown


Just a hunch

Or is it


I got a hunch

This is something

I have said

Many times

Some of these hunches

Seemed small

And almost meaningless

Some have saved my life

And at the Life of others

I suppose that all the actions

That I have taken

Or failed to take

Have been guided by these hunches

I realized after a while

That when I obeyed these hunches

Things went well

But when I ignored them

I was always in trouble

I came to realize

Long ago

That there were much more

Important things going on

But it was not my way

To give proper credit

To the source

My way of life

And my associations

Seemed to prevent me

From giving proper credit

To the spirit

That gave me these thoughts

So I continue to call them hunches

So now

As and if

They come to me

I will attempt to share

Some of these hunches

With you


8/11/2006  9:30 PM

For My Brother, Kenneth

I Love You


You were always there

From my first memories

And you will be there

Until my last

We didn’t always

See eye to eye

But it was always

Just because of different times

And experiences

We had passed through

We were too much alike

Arguing with you

Was like arguing with myself

Out loud

I always felt the Love

And I admired you

For your tender Heart

And I always noticed

The kindness

That was so much

A part of you

The respect you showed others

There will be no more pain

For you

There will be a vacant space

In my soul

For me

Until I draw my last breath

I love you



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